Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance, or CCTV, is an integral part of all businesses. Whether deployed for asset protection or management, campus security, workplace monitoring, personnel training, or liability protection, our expert Solutions Engineers can work with you to come up with a tailored solution that perfectly fits your organization's needs. Complementary to our on-site standard deployments, we have also introduced our Hosted Voipnet Surveillance solution.

We can help you design the correct BUSINESS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE system for your environment and specific needs.

We are licensed as a Class B company on the state of Texas to provide our security services. We do not subcontract our surveillance work to anyone. All of our systems are next generation IP-based. We do not deploy antiquated low resolution analog systems. We are also the first to offer a complete Cloud-Based or Hosted Video Surveillance solution. No NVRs (Network Video Recorders) or DVRs on-site, no storage devices. Just our latest model IP HD 1080P Megapixel Network Cameras, with Infrared Night Vision, Motion Detection Recording, Optical Zoom, and a PoE switch, and a firewall to encrypt all of your video streams to our cloud space. Your Dedicated Hosted Virtual Video NVR is located at one of our Tier 4 Data Center facilities in Houston for your peace of mind.

The best part of this solution, is that all your recordings are stored off-site, from the first frame to the last, which adds a layer of extra security, protection and resiliency, from unauthorized physical access for tempering, or from someone trying to physically remove your NVR to eliminate the evidence. You also control cost, since there is very minimal upfront cost to you for the equipment deployed. We charge a manageable monthly per-camera all-you-can eat fee. Say goodbye to large CapEx for systems which become obsolete after 2 years. Just write off your surveillance cost as a business monthly expense (OpEx).

If you need a larger number of cameras, then an on-site server solution would be a better fit for your business. We can deploy our proprietary NVR Voipnet Surveillance software on a dedicated powerful microcomputer or standard rackable server (your server or ours). Many businesses have internal policies which require the system to be on-site, so we can comply with these type of deployment as well. We can FTP the recordings off-site to mitigate physical removal of video evidence. We cater to both, business and residential customers. We also offer Audio Surveillance with your cameras if you prefer this option. With a support plan, you can qualify for a system hardware refresh every two years at a discounted price.

We have also developed a custom product just for Childcare and Seniorcare centers. It is called NoTimeAway™. With this service, providers are able to offer their clients a secure web portal with remote viewing capabilities to classrooms and public areas at their centers to check on their loved ones. The system is very simple to use for both, admins and parents, and it boasts full encryption of both, the portal and the video feeds themselves, as well as segrmented controlls to allow restriction of individual users to see specific video feeds and on predetermined configurable schedules. The surveillance solution is not diluted, just because it was designed for care providers, in the sense that you still have the full capabilities of our state-of-the-art Voipnet Surveillance NVR server for your admin staff, but also have a client-facing web portal, tailored to the client's needs. We watermark your center's logo on the video feeds to ensure anti-tampering. Also available with this service, is a mass notification system for your center.

Your Network, or IP Video Surveillance system is as good as the network it traverses. Many providers are still offering analog systems to clients, mainly because they lack the knowledge to properly design, optimize and secure IP networks for video traffic. We leverate our extensive expertise in designing, deploying, securing and supporting Enterprise-level IP networks for our clients, to bring the best possible IP Network Video Surveillance system to your organization.

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